Finbar O’Neill’s Travel Biography

Finbar O’Neill is a man with many interests and years of experience in construction management and real estate development. While his work is of paramount importance to him, Finbar has a number of hobbies that he frequently engages in. However traveling has always been one of Finbar’s favorite things and will continue to be so for a long time. Since he was originally born in Ireland, Finbar had to travel to emigrate to the United States and it has been a passion of his ever since.finbar_o'neill

Finbar O’Neill spent his first 18 years growing up in the Emerald Isle, Ireland. While he loved the country of his birth, Finbar always wanted to travel and live and work in another country and when he turned 18, he decided to act on his dream. One of the first trips Finbar made when he left Ireland was the easy trip to England where he worked for a couple of years. However England wasn’t far enough and Finbar realized that he truly wanted to live and work in the United States due to the size and variety of the country. He figured that living in the United States would allow him to travel around the country and appreciate the varieties of natural landscapes and wildlife that it has to offer.

Finbar O’Neill’s International Travels

Ever since moving to the United States for work, Finbar O’Neill has taken it upon himself to travel across the country and enjoy the vast natural bounty that it offers both in terms of beautiful locations as well as delicious foods. While he has also traveled outside the country, some of Finbar’s favorite places to visit and eat at are located in the United States and he visits them frequently. Cape Cod will always be one of Finbar’s favorites due to the freshness of the lobster he can eat there and Chicago is also high on the list because the original Morton’s steakhouse is one of Finbar’s favorite restaurants.

Finbar O’Neill also enjoys traveling for reasons that don’t include food. One of the most incredible experience he’s ever had was when he went to Arizona with his family and flew a hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon and got to experience its majesty in a completely new way. Finbar also travels to satisfy his hobbies as well as his palate. He went to Texas to go hunting and he traveled to Florida for the fishing. Although he has a versatile portfolio of adventurous achievements from climbing the Dunes Rivers Falls in Jamaica to lounging at a country concert; Finbar hopes to always continue traveling.